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Monica Gazzo's workshops provide a unique approach to the fascinating contemporary art forms of filmmaking, animation and video. Appropriate for students of all ages, participants learn about film collage, painting, photography and sound and apply them to direct animation and live action work. Elements of filmmaking and animation, such as apparent motion in film, persistence of vision, sources and uses of motion, editing, rhythm and composition are taught and explored through hands on activities. The sessions can be successful without any special equipment and costs for raw materials are included in the workshop fee. Lessons integrate art history, math, social studies and language arts.

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Recent Projects

Filmmaking Workshop taught by Monica Gazzo
Spring 2001 - Students from Ms. Mary Anna Pomonis Art class, at Hoover High, in Glendale.
The Workshop was made possible through a grant from the Music Center Education Division.


Fall 1999 - Angels Gate Artists in the Classroom Program
Mrs. O'Connor 4th graders at Bandini Elementary School in San Pedro


Film Workshop taught by filmmaker Monica Gazzo.


Monica Gazzo teaching film techniques to children.


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