Artist Statement

My mission is to create something that speak of beauty, history, nature, and the modern life styles we have today for my work.It consists of wheel-thrown Porcelain vessels combined with slab and sculptural techniques on certain pieces that have textured patches and brushwork on surfaces with wax-resist glaze technique for viewers to create their own stories from looking at the images on them, making them collaborative work by the creator and the viewers.

The images on my pieces are from different places I have seen and the historical art pieces I have gotten inspired from, especially from Japanese ink painting and pottery. Then the images that glue onto my memory are combined and new images are created in my head. By combining them into my work I feel I’m able to express my ideas.

When I go to Japan to visit my family, I go to the pottery villages of Japan to absorb what the potters are creating. And usually, I bring back small pieces and tons of ideas for my future projects, taking small steps toward crossing bridges of ceramic art.

Yuichiro Roy Kunisaki


Recent work