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CALENDAR Susan performing
Susan performing.
Audio Art Festival, Krakow, Poland.

Video clip of two flutes

"Marching Mosquito Didjeridu-da Band"
Where: Angel's Gate Cultural Center in San Pedro, at Susan's Studio
When: Mondays 6:30-7:45 pm, starting 10/2--ongoing!
Age: 12-adult
Cost: $10-15/session; first lesson is FREE

We'll use a set of 3' plastic tubes that make a great beginning didj; I'll have one for every student. Once we have enough students and enough of them can reliably get a strong sound from their didjs, we'll spend part of our time on standing up & walking while playing, etc. We'll then ask a percussionist or two to join us. The goal is to literally create a marching band of didjeridus & percussion. On a given signal, the didjs can "attack' the viewers, & maybe scatter flower petals, or leaves, or... Perhaps the didjeridus become a cross between the stinger on a mosquito & and the trunk of an elephant. On another given percussion signal, the didjs line up again to proceed marching, marching gently swinging their 'trunks,' or 'stingers.' We can start with gray T-shirts for a costume. We'll first march around AGCC, then march at an event such as an AGCC Open Studios, then maybe march in the X-mas parade--great way to celebrate Christmas. Maybe, after more events, we can even march in the Doo-Dah parade in Pasadena. Our silliness would need to be pretty crisp for that.

6/2017 Studio exhibition & performance for SOUNDPEDRO at AGCC, San Pedro, CA

9/2016 Center for Computer Research in Music & Art; Stanford U., Stanford, CA; 4 1/2 hr. improv sound workshop

9/2016 Turquoise Yanta Grotto, San Francisco; concert with Kevin Corcoran, percussion

10/2016 Center for New Music, San Francisco, CA: solo concert & concert with David Samas & ensemble

Susan Rawcliffe has been making, playing and researching clay flutes for over 25 years, performing, exhibiting and teaching all ages both nationally & internationally. Her studies include an MA in Psychology, Deep Listening workshops with Pauline Oliveras, Orff Schulewerk level one certification, Dalcroze, as well as tai chi for over 20 years.

Possible future workshops include making clay flutes and other musical instruments.

For information, please or call 310-427-2737

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For workshops, performances or other information, please contact:
Susan Rawcliffe
P.O. Box 924
San Pedro, California 90733

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