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DIDJERIDU Susan playing triple pipe
Susan playing didjeridu.
Audio Art Festival, Krakow, Poland.

Video clip of didjeridu

Video clip of neon didjeridu

Listen to clay-doo sample

Ms. Rawcliffe has been playing the didjeridu for over 15 years. As in all her work, she has developed a distinctive style, combining a range of vocalizations with didjeridu sounds. In performance, she frequently uses a tuneable didjeridu made of contemporary materials. She also performs on the WORLDS ONLY NEON DIDJERIDU created by Larry Albright, neon artist.

Susan makes and plays clay-doos; these ceramic didjeridus have long tubes folded into a more compact form for firing and for fun. They come in a variety of sizes and look like Dr. Seuss instruments. Unlike a traditional didjeridu, each has one or two finger holes. Played using didjeridu techniques, their sound is similar but softer. Two played together can sound like mastodons calling in the swamp.
WORKSHOPS usually begin by exploring ways to expand the capacity to listen into the didjeridu sound. Breathing is considered in general and as specific to participants; circular breathing is demonstrated. Students explore shaping the sound with the tongue, cheeks, throat and chest; singing while playing; feeling vibrations in the body; posture; healing uses of the instruments and more. The class may listen to Aboriginal music and some rhythm patterns may be analyzed and demonstrated. Students can learn to make wild and rude noises in bathrooms and hallways. Participants can also learn how to purchase or make a didjeridu and to shape the mouthpiece to fit.

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