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PERFORMANCES Susan playing triple pipe
Susan playing triple pipe.
Audio Art Festival, Krakow, Poland.

Video clip of triple pipe
Los Angeles Theatre Center.

...Ceramic flute-maker Susan Rawcliffe...delivered a set of original sounds that defied conventional notions of music-making and transported patient listeners into otherworldly realms rife with sonic epiphanies... ...The clay instruments that the San Pedro-based sculptor-musician has been making for more that 25 years are multiphonic marvels, and in a hushed acoustic setting, they received the rapt attention they deserved. Based largely on Pre-Columbian Central and South American precedents, they generate complex, unpredictable, beautiful and eerie resonances, buzzes, overtones, and screams. Rawcliffe ... achieved all those effects and more by applying circular breathing and simultaneous singing techniques to five different instruments: a "polyglobular trumpet," a "combination tone whistle," a "water flute," a "howler," and a triple-pipe... It was thrilling.
  Derk Richardson, the Berkeley Express, 9/3/99
Solo and ensemble performances on her unique instruments include: "Ponder IV," Conn. 9/09; Museum of Neon Art, LA, 4/09; "Wild Music," lecture/performance, North Carolina Museum of Science, Raleigh, NC, 8/07; Zipper Hall, LA, Strange Attractors, Steinburg, composer, with MANY AXES and string quartet, 3/07; The Society for Composers and Lyricists, Musicians Union, Hollywood, CA, 10/03; the McKnight Visiting Composer's Grant, 9-11/00; New Langton Arts, San Francisco, 6/00; "MicroFest," Los Angeles, 5/00; the American Association for the Advancement of Sciences, Anaheim, CA, 11/99; "Sounds Like Art," Yerba Buena Museum, SF, 9/99; "Audio Art Festival," Krakow, Poland, 11/98; Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, 9/98; Los Angeles Theater Center; The Knitting Factory, NYC, 1/98 & 11/98; Pomona College, Claremont, CA, 9/97; Pipeline Festival, Podewil, Berlin, Germany, 4/97; Roulette, NYC, 5/96. From 11/96-1/97 at Lincoln Center, NYC, she played her didjeridu and flutes for the Broadway show, JUAN DARIEN and its cast CD. Her music can be heard in movies such as "The Island of Dr. Moreau," "Coming Home," and "Drug Store Cowboy." She was on the California Arts Council touring roster, 1986-93 and toured Europe in 1991 with a solo concert. Her flutes can be heard on the CD/booklet compilation of instrument builders, "Gravikords, Whirlies and Pyrophones," Ellipsis Arts, 12/96. In 6/03, Sean Griffin, composer, recorder her flute music for "Triangle of Need," an installation at Walker Art Center, MN. In 12/03, her trio released "2 MANY AXES," and in 10/98, the eponymous CD, MANY AXES.

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