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Making and playing clay musical instruments

Ms. Rawcliffe has extensive experience teaching all ages a variety of subjects centered around her craft of making and playing strange and wonderful musical instruments. She has taught ceramics and making ceramic musical instruments in art centers, colleges, high schools and elementary schools; taught basic acoustics and making musical instruments in a variety of art centers and schools; conducted college seminars on her work as an artist and as a researcher into prehispanic instruments; and taught students of all ages to play the didjeridu, as well as music and improvisation.

At USC, Los Angeles, CA, on 4/2009 and 10/2009, she taught students in beginning and intermediate ceramic courses to make and play clay flutes.

At Castle Hill Arts Center, Truro, MA in 10/2007 and 9/2009, she taught one week courses in making and playing ceramic musical instruments.

In Santa Monica, CA, in 6/2008-9, she taught workshops for high school students at the Flute Camp conducted by Los Angeles studio flautists.

During a McKnight Visiting Composer's Project Grant in 10-11/2000, Ms. Rawcliffe conducted a series of residencies, workshops, lectures and performances for various organizations in Minnesota. In Grand Marias, she worked with high school students to make clay flutes, lectured on Music in Clay, and taught adults to make and play ceramic musical instruments, finishing with a concert. At the Northern Clay Center, Minneapolis, participants made clay flutes, whistles, ocarinas, trumpets, whistling pots and musical bowls. At City Academy, St. Paul, high school students learned to play the didjeridu. She gave seminars on her work at Winona State University and Metropolitan State University, in addition to a variety of concerts and radio presentations. "... Many of the participants had no previous clay experience, but the techniques were simple and easy to understand. Ms. Rawcliffe was able to assist students with the fine tuning of the instruments and answered many questions about construction and playing..." Sarah Millfelt, Education Director, Northern Clay Center

During a two week residency in May of 1998 at Chatham College and Manchester Craftsmen's Guild in Pittsburgh, PA, Ms. Rawcliffe worked with high school and college students to make and play ceramic flutes and pipes, performed on her flutes and didjeridu during seminars with students and faculty, and gave slide lecture/demonstrations about Pre-Hispanic and her own musical instruments.

"As I teach ceramics at Columbia College, in June of 1993, I had the pleasure of helping Susan when she conducted 'Sound Sculptures and Wind Instruments,' a week long instrument making workshop... Susan conducts her class with grace, discipline and a passion for the arts. She is well organized and presents her knowledge clearly. She is an accomplished musician and has an extraordinary knowledge of Pre-Columbian wind instruments; this along with her knowledge of ceramics allows her to bridge two art forms. In this way, Susan is a unique professional." Mary Seyfarth, Columbia College, Chicago

In addition to the above residencies and workshops, in 1993, Ms. Rawcliffe was a Visiting Artist in Ceramics at Pitzer College, Claremont, CA.

She has also taught children to make and play musical instruments through Arts Alaska, Music Center on Tour, Performing Tree, Barnsdall Junior Arts Center, the California Arts Council and more. Additional performances with workshops include the Los Angeles Municipal Theatre, Barnsdall Park; PODEWIL, Berlin, Germany; Handmade Instruments Festival, Lincoln Center, NYC; and the National Council on Education in the Ceramic Arts, San Diego, CA.

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